Dope Sells Itself - Street Aesthetics
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low classic f/w 2013
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Mari Agory in As The Saying Goes, Early Training More Than Late EarningPaul Jung for Flaunt Magazine
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karene b
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And I dance! Dramatically.
Photographer: Ed Maximus || Website: http://edmaximus.com/
Model: Paola Mathe || Website: http://findingpaola.com
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Second image from my N U D E  M O M E N T a photo a day will be uploaded via Instagram and Jaerubell.vsco.co

Processed with @vsco #vscocam #VSCOGRID #vscouser #vscodaily #momentwithjae #nudemoment #body #muscles #bw #black #white  (at N U D E  M O M E N T  0 2)
N U D É  M O M E N T  0 1
Follow me at Jaerubell.vsco.co currently shooting new images so enjoy. Strictly for the cool, calm & creative 🍂☕️ a new moment with me in the works interested? Insta DM me.

Processed with @vsco #vscocam #VSCOGRID #vscouser #vscodaily #momentwithjae #nudemoment #freethenipple

Disclosure: hopefully Instagram doesn’t remove with photo due to the nipple. (at N U D E  M O M E N T)
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Z Zegna // a/w14
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“Romance is about the possibility of the thing. You see, it’s about the time between when you first meet the woman, and when you first make love to her; When you first ask a woman to marry you, and when she says I do. When people who been together a long time say that the romance is gone, what they’re really saying is they’ve exhausted the possibility.”
—Darius Lovehall (via alittledashofchic)—
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